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Full adhesive curved hybrid glass for samsung note 20 Ultra

Everybody wants a perfect screen protector for Samsung S-serie mobile or Note-serie Mobile, but they can not find a good one. the market ones always have such problems:

  1. edge glue glass easy to fall off, does not support finger print, touching dull, easy to break
  2. TPU is not smooth on surface, protection is bad, difficult to install, easy to peel off on edge; original samsung TPU is also easy to be broken.
  3. UV glass is so difficult to install and its glue always make mobiles bad, UV glass is thin so it is easy to break.

Today MOHAVE has developed a full adhesive screen protector for Samsung S series and note series, it has advantages than competion,

  • Full adhesive, touching sensitive
  • Full adhesive, finger print perfect
  • Full adhesive, accurate curved degree, so bubble free
  • 9H hardness on surface, so it has a touching feeling like tempered glass
  • 9H hybrid glass to make it never break

Here is an install video: www

Welcome to order MOHAVE curved hybrid glass for your Samsung mobiles.