About Us

MOHAVE is an electronics brand, the main products are screen protectors for electronic devices(namely, mobile telephones, smart telephones, digital cameras, personal digital assistants).

This website is established in 2020. Dongguan Pineapple Protection Co., Ltd. offers this website( This website is operated by Dongguan Pineapple Protection Co., Ltd., authorized by MOHAVE by Shenzhen Momi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

We are dedicated to provide the enhanced screen protector and lens protector for electronic devices.

We had resolved the difficult problems for how to more precisely and more conveniently install the screen protector for iPhone series, iPad series, Apple Watch series and Samsung Galaxy S series. With electronic products are being upgraded, we have been continuing to upgrade our products. And all of our products are easy to use for most people in the world. We want to promote the practical products to more and more people. We like to share our creative product idea with more people. And we also want to study more to improve our products and optimize our ideas.

We hope our products can help people stay away from the drop damage to their screen or lens of smartphone and smartwatch in daily use.
We want to create higher quality, easier use, and more practical products and improve life quality for more and more people all over the world under the mobile digital era.


Phone: +8618664005966